Below are publications related to this program

Please note that all studies used versions of this program available at the time that the given research was conducted

A randomized controlled trial of a self-guided, multimedia, stress management and resilience training program

Authors: Raphael D. Rose, Jay C. Buckey Jr., Tomislav D. Zbozinek, Sarosh J. Motivala, Daniel E. Glenn, James A. Cartreine, Michelle G. Craske

Feasibility Study of an Interactive Multimedia Electronic Problem Solving Treatment Program for Depression: A Preliminary Uncontrolled Trial

Authors: Margit I. Berman, Jay C. Buckey Jr., Jay G. Hull, Eftihia Linardatos, Sueyoung L. Song, Robert K. McLellan, Mark T. Hegel

Randomized Controlled Trial of a Computerized Interactive Media-Based Problem Solving Treatment for Depression

Authors: Luis R. Sandoval, Jay C. Buckey, Ricardo Ainslie, Martin Tombari, William Stone, Mark T. Hegel

Autonomous, Computer-Based Behavioral Health Countermeasure Evaluation at HI-SEAS Mars Analog

Authors: Allison P. Anderson, Abigail M. Fellows, Kim A. Binsted, Mark T. Hegel, Jay C. Buckey

Interactive Interest-Based Negotiation Training For Managing Conflict in Isolated and Confined Environments

Authors: Jennifer A. Fleischer, Jeff Ayton, Maree Riley, Kim Binsted, Devin R. Cowan, Abigail M. Fellows, Jeff A. Weiss, Jay C. Buckey